Celebrating the Grandmothers of Manheim

"The grandmothers of Mannheim" posing in front of their mural at 39th and Troost.

“The grandmothers of Mannheim” posing in front of their mural at 39th and Troost.

Dorothy Hawkins.

Dorothy Hawkins.

Arvern Hughes recalls that when her grandchildren were growing up, all the kids in Manheim called her “grandma,” which confused her own but added to a sense of community in the neighborhood.

Hughes was one of four “grandmothers of Manheim” neighborhood residents celebrated Saturday.

“We celebrate the recognition of their tireless effort of keeping the history, sharing the knowledge and working to help those in the community in a being a resource, collaborating, building relationships and raising children in the Manheim Park neighborhood,” organizers of the Grandmothers of Manheim Mural project said.

They got well-known local artist Alexander Austin to paint portraits of the four on the side of the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store at 39th and Troost. Those honored included Hughes, Dorothy Hawkins, Orissa Keley-Logan and Lucille Leapheart. There is also a portrait of St. Vincent de Paul.

After a ceremony cut short by unexpected chilly weather, the festivities moved inside a nearby church where the community shared a meal with the four honorees and they shared stories about life in Manheim.

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  1. Diane Tompkins says:

    I loved seeing this article with further information about Manheim Neighborhood’s 4 grandmas. Aexander Austin’s fine work has enriched our neighborhoods yet again.

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