Busy criminal, frequent prisoner

A federal judge in Kansas City on Thursday sentenced a prolific Kansas City criminal to 16 years for robbing a Brookside bank.

Casey M. Widman, 60, was sentenced as a career criminal because it was his 15th felony conviction and his seventh for a violent crime.

From a media release from federal prosecutors:

Widman, who also has about 77 misdemeanor convictions, pleaded guilty last year to stealing $838 from Bank Midwest, 6249 Brookside, on Dec. 30, 2013.

He pulled what appeared to be a pistol (a pellet gun), put it on a counter in front of a teller and demanded “all fifties and hundreds.”

When she put that money on the counter, he got upset and demanded more cash. She put more out and he fled.

A witness saw a blue Ford Taurus parked near the bank before the crime and it vanished after the robbery. An officer saw such a car and followed it.

When Widman, the driver, stopped at a gas station, the officer arrested him.

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