Boys, Girls Choirs move to US Bank Midtown building

1-West-Armour-Blvd-2The corner of Armour and Main may be sounding a little sweeter.

That’s because the Kansas City Boys Choir and the Kansas City Girls Choir are moving their headquarters office and rehearsal space there, to the U.S. Banks’s Midtown Building at 1 West Armour.

The bank is donating the space, which members of the choir have just finished renovating.

The Kansas City Boys Choir consists of about 30 young men from diverse musical backgrounds between ages 9 and 19. The girls choir, the sister organization, includes young women between the ages of 8 and 18.

“KCBC provides a forum for developing and enhancing the mind to bridge communication gaps through music in the classical boys’ choir tradition. Our participants complete concerts; which includes dramatizations, as well as traditional-sacred-contemporary music,” the Boys Choir website explains.  The girls choir has an identifcal mission.

The organizations were founded by Ah’Lee Robinson, a national recording gospel artist, and get assistance from numerous community volunteers who provide educational, tutorial, social, community and positive citizenship programs.

“Through music and supportive programs, we are able to teach our young men to become successful and productive members of the community. Additionally, KCBC members give back to the community through service projects and/or provide free musical selections that support a variety of causes,” the website says.

The organizations are relocating from their previous headquarters at The Mutual Musicians Foundation, located at 1823 Highland in the Jazz District.

“The Boys Choir and Girls Choir are treasured parts of our city’s growing arts community,” said Mark Jorgenson, market president for U.S. Bank in Kansas City. “We’ve long been looking for a nonprofit partner to make good use of this space. The choirs are a perfect fit.”

“As a result of U.S. Bank’s donation, we’re able to shift resources from rental costs to investing in our programs and expanding our impact,” said Ah’Lee Robinson, founder and CEO of the Kansas City Boys Choir.

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