Big city mayors join to fight gun law


Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons by Augustas Didžgalvis.

Mayors of Kansas City and St. Louis will stand together today against an absurd bill that would help criminals and endanger citizens, they said Friday.

Mayors Sly James and Francis Slay said they will hold a joint press conference today in Jefferson City at the capitol rotunda.

House Bill 1439, called the Second Amendment Preservation Act, passed the Missouri House this month by a vote of 110-41.

The Senate previously passed its version. The house bill would allow people to sue federal agents for enforcing gun laws.

It also would allow those with concealed carry permits to carry guns openly even in cities that ban the practice.

It would also lower the minimum age to obtain a concealed carry permit to 19 from 21.

Supporters say they are pushing back against a federal government that is out of control and threatens their gun rights.

Critics say the nullification of federal gun laws is blatantly unconstitutional and if upheld would prevent federal, city and state authorities from working together to fight gun crimes.

In Kansas City, police and federal authorities routinely join forces to fight gun violence. Their latest and most visible effort was in the recent arrest of a suspect in the shootings on area highways.

“It’s time to realize that reducing crime in cities takes the help of everyone at the federal, state and local level,” James said in a Friday press release. “This bill would destroy those partnerships and does nothing to make out neighborhoods safe.”

Slay noted that police there worked with federal authorities last summer to take 159 dangerous criminals and 267 guns off the streets.

“If this bill had been in effect, ATF and the U.S. attorney would have been committing a crime,” he said. “That is ludicrous…; It’s absurd and embarrassing.”

Gov. Jay Nixon successfully vetoed a similar bill last year.


  1. polly says:

    Are you REALLY that unaware. Sure the police depts like to call in the feds. It is about seizure and forfeiture game. If the Police Dept investigate themselves then any proper seized goes to education.. BUT .. if the feds are called in 80% of what is TAKEN goes to the police dept and 20% (or there about) goes to the feds. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. How about ALL properties seized goes to the victims fund. NOTHING to education and NOTHING TO Police Dept and NOTHING to feds.

  2. james wickerham says:

    what do we expect they are demorats that the rest that want all the power

  3. james wickerham says:

    what did you expect they are both demoratsthey think like the federal

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