Are you celebrating “Milkweed for Monarchs” day?

Photo courtesy Kenneth Dwain Harrelson.

Photo courtesy Kenneth Dwain Harrelson.

It is officially “Milkweed for Monarchs day” in Kansas City, according to a mayoral proclamation this morning.

“Monarch butterflies breed in Kansas City, and we’re in the critical path on their long migration from Mexico to Canada,” Mayor James said. “This is our butterfly, and its numbers are down more than 90% because we’ve destroyed its habitat.  We need every Kansas Citian to help monarchs survive by planting milkweed every year on June 1. Even if you live in an apartment, a pot of milkweed on the deck provides the only food monarch caterpillars can eat.”

Other cities are also involved. Last December Mayor James joined the mayors of Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and St. Louis – all along the monarchs’ 3,000-mile migration path. They pledged to educate the public, establish monarch habitat and support monarch-friend policy.

According to a news release from the city, a Kansas City group led by Burroughs Audubon and including KCMO Parks and Recreation, Kansas City Power & Light, Bridging The Gap, Johnson County Parks and Recreation, Powell Gardens, the Kansas City Native Plant Initiative, Westport Garden Club, Platte County Land Trust, Grow Native and MODOT is working to create more than 1,000 acres of monarch habitat.

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