Amber alerts now come on cell phones

Amber alerts are now automatically sent to some cell phones.Wonder why you’re suddenly getting Amber alerts on your phone?

Some people in Midtown have recently noticed the alerts for the first time.

It can be ominous when all cell phones suddenly go off in a restaurant, as foreboding as a turn in a Stephen King novel.

Recent outbreaks are part of a new Amber alert system.

Since the start of the year, the alerts on missing and endangered children automatically go out to people in the area of the alerts.

Anyone with a Wireless Emergency Alert-enabled phone gets those and also alerts of imminent threat or presidential alerts.

Amber alerts are generally so rare that people don’t need to worry about getting buried in messages, officials say, and the first few hours after a child’s abduction are critical time for police.

For an Amber alert, authorities need confirmation a child aged 17 or younger has been abducted, that the child is in danger of serious bodily harm and that there is a description of the abductor or the vehicle used in the abduction.

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