Alvin Brooks, Airick West, others honored for civility

School board president Airick Leonard West insisted that school board members and the superintendent join him in receiving an award for civility. He was joined at the podium by board member Gunnar Hand and Superintendent Stephen Green.

For the second year, a Kansas City nonprofit honored those in the community who have demonstrated civility in public life.

Kansas City Consensus offers annual awards to individuals and organizations that have worked across differences to solve problems while showing respect for others and their viewpoints.

Alvin Brooks was honored with a lifetime achievement award for civility.

Consensus gave its lifetime achievement award to Ad Hoc Group Against Crime founder Alvin Brooks. He looked back over his long career as a crime fighter, city council member, and police officer. Brooks said civility is a core value in solving problems and politicians should remember that.

“There is something called civility and we must demand it of those who serve us,” Brooks said.

One of the awards went to school board president Airick Leonard West, who insisted that other members of the board and superintendent Dr. Stephen Green join him in accepting the honor.

“It would be arrogant and naïve to say this was not an honor for the entire board,” West told the audience.

Steve Rolling retired CEO of the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City; founder of Wellness Wordworks Corinna West; and the Roeland Park mayor and city council were also honored.

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