63rd Street corridor gets city support

63rdIn an effort to speed redevelopment, the city council on Thursday made a section of 63rd Street eligible for property tax breaks.

The section from Oak Street to Troost Avenue was once a thriving business district and can be again, officials said.

There are also apartments going in and strong residential in neighborhoods behind the street, said Councilman Scott Taylor, chair of the planning and zoning committee.

The tax breaks will speed redevelopment and provide a way to connect Brookside to Troost, he said. “The time is just right for this.”

Councilman Kevin McManus, who grew up in the area, said, “I think this is an important tool to help us accelerate activity along that corridor and the Troost corridor.”

Councilwoman Alissia Canady dissented in the 10-1 vote that approved the action for the 29 parcels in the area.

She said tax breaks and city efforts should be directed east of Troost, where needs are greater.

Councilman Quinton Lucas said the area on 63rd west of Troost was challenged as well.

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