Young matrons clubhouse moving along

young-matronsIn an unusual moving party, people are invited to watch Saturday as the entire Kansas City Young Matrons clubhouse gets relocated.

The small 1930s era building will be taken from 51st and Oak streets to 52nd and Cherry streets in a daylong effort.

The relocation helps make way for a massive mixed use project, including a Whole Foods grocery store.

From a media release by VanTrust Development Team:

By 9 a.m. the building will be prepped and ready to move south on Oak.

For early watchers, the watch party location will be Pizza 51, which will be serving breakfast pizzas by 8:30 a.m.

As it slowly moves south, the Central United Methodist Church at the corner of 52nd and Oak will be the second watch party location. The church offers their surface lot for event parking.

When the building gets to the corner of 52nd and Oak, it will stop, get checked for level and the rigging and wheels will be rotated.

As the clubhouse turns onto 52nd Street and goes east toward Cherry, the third watch party location will be in front of the Epperson House, which will have portable restroom facilities.

It will stop in the parking lot at 52nd and Cherry and be lifted and set on the new foundation next week.

All sidewalks along the route will be closed for safety reasons and going from one location to another will be difficult because they will restrict people from walking anywhere near the building.

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