Yikes: Jackson County reassessments in the mail

Jackson-County-reassessmentJackson County property reassessment notices go out this week in what officials hope will be a routine manner, unlike those that prompted panic and outrage two years ago.

People should start getting them on Wednesday, Jackson County officials say, and they do not expect the widespread problems caused by past mistaken reassessments.

In 2013, homeowners in Valentine, Coleman Highlands and Hyde Park neighborhoods were among those sent enormous valuation increases that people feared would result in much higher taxes.

County officials admitted mistakes, reduced the numbers and the county assessor resigned.

This year, overall values on all kinds of county property rose 4.41 percent, officials said in a media release.

That includes a 3.89 percent increase on all residential properties and a 7.72 percent hike on assessed value for condominium properties.

“We engaged in a detailed process, with the help of several outside reassessment experts … to develop a system that not only allows us to find the most fair values for 2015, but also allows for more consistent reassessments in the years to come,” said Jackson County Deputy Chief Administrative Officer V. Edwin Stoll.

The reassessment notices will include a comparison of 2014 and 2015 market and assessed values, the release states, along with estimated levy rates for taxing jurisdictions and projected tax liability using those levy rates and assessed values.

Also from the release:

An owner can request an informal review of the valuation by calling 816-881-4601 no later than June 12, 2015 or filing such a request on line at www.jacksongov.org/review no later than June 12.

If not satisfied after an informal review or after not requesting one by deadline, the owner can file a formal appeal with the Jackson County Board of Equalization by July 13. Owners can contact the BOE at 816-881-3309.

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