Written on the streets– Midtown welcomes All-Star fans

Welcome street graphics for All-Star game

A street graphic at the corner of Westport Road and Broadway welcomes All-Star fans to Midtown. Photo by midtownkcpost.

Street graphics in the Plaza
Street graphics welcoming baseball fans in the Plaza. Photo courtesy O’Neill Marketing & Event Management.

When fans start arriving in Kansas City for next week’s All Star game, they’ll get this big welcome at the intersections of Broadway and Westport roads and of JC Nichols Parkway and Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard. Painted on the street  is a decal of a baseball and the greeting, “Welcome fanatics.”

The official name for this is a “street graphic” and it was the idea of Keli O’Neill Wenzel, president of O’Neill Marketing in Westport, and the Citywide Involvement Committee. The city doesn’t normally allow advertising on the streets, but made an exception in this case since the graphic is a welcome for out-of-towners. The committee says lots of fans will be staying and/or visiting Westport and the Plaza. By the way, the street graphics are designed to last a year or more.

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