Workshop to help parents prepare for kindergarten transition

Parents who are getting ready to send their children to kindergarten often have a ton of questions, and they can get some help at a workshop this week.

Show Me KC Schools, a new organization created to help KC families find the right school for their children, is launching its first parent workshop, “Your Child’s Transition to Kindergarten,” on Wednesday, June 11th at 7 p.m. at the Kauffman Conference Center, 4801 Rockhill Road.

Founder Tricia Johnson says the workshop series is intended to encourage discussion and build community among KC parents.

“Not only do we need the tools to find the right school for our children, we also need ongoing support to help our children succeed in school,” she said. “Recognizing that the transition to kindergarten can be both exciting and scary for children and parents alike, many parents of kindergarten aged children are beginning to worry about how to prepare for the transition ahead.”

Dr. Patty Smith, former teacher, elementary school principal and associate superintendent will present parents and caregivers with tips and personal stories.


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