Wooly Vicars coming to Porchfest, no sheep or vicars involved


People ask the Wooly Vicars what their music sounds like, and band members spread their hands.

People can judge the sound themselves at the city’s first Porchfest on June 14.

The Vicars are among bands signed up to play on porches in the West Plaza neighborhood.

They have a folk-rock-pop sound with a tinge of world music, they say. Among influences are Elton John, Warren Zevon and Elvis Costello.

Claire McDaniel of the Vicars was in a choir in Overland Park until she discovered the Ramones as a teen and went into rock.

She writes music lyrics for the Vicars and plays an assortment of percussion instruments, including trejon, bongos, the djembe and more.

Erik Karlsson writes music for the band and plays acoustic guitar. The two of them formed the Vicars early last year.

Bass player Mike Tuel joined them and brings a playing background that included classical, rock, country and soul music.

As for the band name, it comes from what the Irish call a monastery there where priests make money by raising sheep.

“We thought it’s very sticky, it’s very funny,” Karlsson said of the name.

Band members combine all their influences and skills and somehow it works, he said. “You do it and it just comes together more than anything else.”

McDaniel’s unusual drumming combined with acoustic guitar and bass “gives us our own flair,” he said.

All three band members live in the Kansas City area, have day jobs and play gigs because they like it.

They wanted to play Porchfest because friends will be there along with other musicians they want to hear, they said.

“It’s going to be a fun time hanging out with people and wandering around,” Karlsson said.

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