Who didn’t “put their junk in their trunk” last weekend?

If you are an artist, chances are you could do a better job than this of designing a poster for the police department’s “Put your junk in your trunk” campaign. And you’re invited to submit your design for use across the city.

The police have suggested that Midtown neighborhoods adopt a new “Put your junk in your truck” slogan.

It’s meant to remind people not to leave items in their cars.

Officer Jim Schriever is reminding people today that it’s time to expedite the campaign.

He says Central Patrol received 23 reported theft-from-auto complaints last weekend alone.

Since the department asked the community to join in the “Put your junk in your trunk campaign,” Schriever says many businesses and residential complexes have contacted him about where to purchase signs with the slogan.

He’s invited graphic designers, artists and creative partners to develop a concept sign that can get the preventive message out to the community.

Send your ideas to Officer Schriever and he’ll have the community vote on the winning design.


Email your design ideas to Office Schriever at James.Schriever@kcpd.org

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