What’s important to you in city council election?

File photo. City council candidates at a recent forum.

File photo. City council candidates at a recent forum.

We’re still looking for your input to help shape the questions for city council candidates at a June 17 forum. So far, we’ve heard that staffing of the police department, transit and increasing population density are important issues. But you still have time to submit questions and tell us what issues you think are most important in helping you cast your vote.

The next city council, which will be elected on June 23, will make important decisions such as whether to extend the streetcar starter line down Main Street to UMKC, what to do with Kemper Arena and the airport, and how to continue development and redevelopment of Midtown.

Two candidates, Jolie Justus and John Fierro, are vying to replace 4th District Councilwoman Jan Marcason, who is term-limited. At-large 4th district councilman Jim Glover faced challenger Katheryn Shields.

Mayor Sly James also faces an opponent.

MainCor, the Broadway Westport Council, the Westport Regional Business League, the James B. Nutter Company, and the Midtown KC Post will sponsor a forum on June 17 from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Uptown Theater.

Tell us what questions you would ask:

The forum moderator will use the input gathered here to ask several questions at the forum. Some questions may be combined and the forum planners will attempt to focus on the questions that are of interest to the most people.

There will be a limited opportunity at the event for audience members to submit questions on index cards.

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  1. aryn roth says:

    1- How to streamline city process to abate consistantly irresponsible neighbors ( health & safety issues) which tend to bring down the value of all property in the area? The current process costs taxpayers endless court dollars & codes’ offiicers’ fees.

    2- Seriously consider alternate park care: by employing goats to mow. Plant only MO. native in garden areas, require little maintenance & no replanting every spring.

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