What happened last week in Midtown Kansas City?

This word cloud shows some of the topics we covered last week at the Midtown KC Post.

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Many Midtown residents received reassessment notices from the county with large increases in their assessed property value.  County Legislator Crystal Williams offered some advice on how to appeal. We’ll continue to follow this issue, including what happens at a Monday County Legislature meeting.

Our coverage of the future of transportation included an update on the lawsuit filed by Downtown property owners challenging the streetcar system. Meantime, the city continued converting Downtown streets from one-way to two-way. And we told you about the city’s efforts to win tax credits to improve Union Station.

We’ve been following the efforts of a new anti-crime alliance that maps clusters of criminals and their networks. Last week the group reported it was focused on more than 500 people with an aggravated assault rate. Later in the week NoVA announced 61 indictments in the largest  federal round-up ever conducted in this district as the result of a single investigation.

We also introduced you to Abby Mueller, a neighborhood prosecutor who deals with municipal court  crimes who is  now available to Midtown.

A city council committee on Wednesday approved three measures intended to clear the way for apartments and a grocery store on Beacon Hill and Troost Avenue.

We celebrated Midtown arts and culture with a look at a First Friday show organized by the Whole Person, featuring art by people with disabilities. We also met the founders of a new record store in Westport, where vinyl is making a comeback.

A guest post from Southmoreland resident Kate Corwin encouraged us to reconsider planting ornamental pear trees  and take a look at the native Serviceberry.

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