What happened last week in Midtown Kansas City?

Last week in Midtown Kansas City, organizing for quality schools…fighting violent crime…and using bicycles to get people back to work. These are some of the stories we covered in the Midtown KC Post.

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Here’s a recap.

Residents began organizing an effort to bring quality local schools to Midtown.

The ongoing investigation of the tragic explosion of JJs Restaurant continued, with OSHA faulting the company that was drilling before the blast.

We profiled a local nonprofit that helps low-income folks repair and rebuild bicycles for transportation. They’ve launched a fundraising drive to rehab several buildings on 31st Street.

Kansas City’s murder rate continued to climb. In Midtown, one person was killed in a shooting at 39th and Baltimore. Police also asked for help from witnesses to a July 20 murder at 8625 Troost. Meanwhile, the anti-violence campaign NoVA planned a rally in support of victims of murders from the past ten years. In his blog, the police chief noted that the average age of homicide victims has shifted, possibly signifying progress.

At city hall, the council got an update on planning for the expansion of streetcar lines. It voted to support a new credit union that will serve the poor and working class, and a controversial no-bid water services contract moved forward.

We continued to profile historic homes on the endangered list. The most recent owner of the Victor Beutner’s house in Squier Park recalled its heyday when her aunt, a seamstress for musicians like the Count Basie Band, Sarah Vaughn and Lula Reed, lived there.

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