What happened last week in Midtown Kansas City?

Last week in Midtown, Gordon Parks school wins a court victory…fast food workers march for higher wages…and we check in on more endangered historic buildings.

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With the beginning of school loaming in the near future, we continued following the struggle by supporters of the Gordon Parks School. After the state ordered the charter school to close, a judge last week ruled that the school could open, and parents, teachers and students celebrated.

The Kansas City School District reminded the community that now is the time to get students registered with classes starting this month.

The planning for the next phase of streetcars got going, with two routes through Midtown among the seven being studied.

The nationwide movement to raise wages for fast food workers came to Midtown, with a rally and march and localized strikes.

COMBAT volunteers also gathered in Midtown and visited neighborhoods to spread the word of a Jackson County anti-violence program.

We continued our series of stories about the most endangered buildings in Kansas City. Judging from responses on our Facebook page, the Luzier Cosmetics Building behind Costco is a favorite of Midtowners.

At city hall, a council committee passed a resolution making bullying of a minor by a minor punishable by up to a $1,000 fine for the parents of the bully. A controversial $12 million, no-bid Water Services Department contract was put on hold Wednesday by the city council finance committee. And the Charter Review Commission began looking into a long unsung city problem: its voting schedule does not comply with state and federal law.

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