What happened last week in Midtown Kansas City?

Last week in Midtown Kansas City, we brought you stories about why the red light cameras are going dark, a new soccer match at the WWI Museum, and plans to dot Midtown with little free libraries.

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Midtowners have strong and varied opinions about the city’s red light cameras. However you feel about them, their operation will be on hold for many months. The police chief revealed that an elite police unit has taken 200 illegal guns off city streets this year. At city hall, a report detailed the many green improvements the city has made over the past year.

Looking toward the future, a map showing all the bus routes in the metro area promises more regional cooperation. The National WWI Museum laid plans for a new Dec. 26 tradition, a local soccer match to remember the Truce Day games during the war. And the Little Free Library movement is taking off in Midtown.

Finally, a section of Broadway was renamed Jim Nutter, Sr. Way after the 86-year-old man who continues to run his mortgage banking business from that location.

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