What happened last week in Midtown?

We met a Midtown beekeeper….checked in on the controversy over the way Google trimmed the trees on 39th Street….and learned about plans for a neighborhood school to be reopened by the Kansas City School District.

This word cloud shows some of the words we used last week at the Midtown KC Post.

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There wasn’t much action affecting Midtown at city hall on the short, post-Memorial Day holiday week. The council did hear a proposal to renew the 39th Street Community Improvement District, and offered a favorable response to continuing its sales tax that pays for private security, marketing and beautification.

We continued our coverage of criticism of the way Google cut trees along 39th Street in preparation for stringing its fiber network. Google told us they were only following regulations in how they trimmed the trees, although business owners along the street fear some of the trees will die from the “butchering.”

In the Volker neighborhood, a developer who had proposed building a controversial 8-unit house said after meeting with neighbors and hearing their concerns, he was taking that large house off the table and looking for another plan. We also profiled a home sharing program that pairs up people with too much house with those who need a roof over their heads.

On the transportation scene, we offered some advice on how to ride the bus on summer ozone alert days in order to reduce auto emissions that pollute the air.

Midtowners continued their fascination with wildlife and nature last week. The volunteers who have been building a system of trails in Roanoke Park prepared for the grand opening. Meantime, a Valentine homeowner told other Midtowners he would take swarming bees off their hands, allowing them to avoid spraying pesticides. We also collectively watched a peregrine falcon with her newly-born chicks on the Missouri Department of Conservation’s live webcam.

With schools continuing to be a major issue for Midtown families, we learned another of the school district’s repurposed schools had been sold. Recruitment was also going on in parts of our coverage area for a new neighborhood school, Hale Cook.

A major exhibition of works by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Mexican artists, opened at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. At the Buttonwood Gallery, former Kansas City Mayor Richard Berkley displayed the photos he took while he was in office, featuring many celebrities and political figures that visited Kansas City.

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