What happened last week in Midtown?

The Midtown reaction to dramatically higher property assessments continued….supporters rallied to try to keep Gordon Parks elementary school open…and tree trimming on 39th Street raised concerns…that’s what we covered last week.

This word cloud shows some of the words we used last week at the Midtown KC Post.

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Angst continued for property owners in Midtown who have received reassessment notices with substantially higher new values, meaning property taxes will rise. The county has promised to take another look at a number of Midtown neighborhoods. In the meantime, a county legislator offered a primer on how to appeal.

Residents of Volker expressed concerns over a revived plan to build an 8-family “multi-family house” on Bell Street. After meeting with the developer and architect, they made plans for a smaller group to meet to try to work out issues. The neighbors continue to object to the scale of the proposed development.

In Squire Park, neighbors got together to plant a prairie garden at a traffic island.

We continued coverage of the state-ordered closing of Gordon Parks Elementary, a charter school serving low-income students in Volker. A state court allowed the school to stay open through the end of June, but the revocation of the charter still means the school must close after that. Supporters rallied, calling for people to contact the state and ask to be heard on the decision.

At DeLaSalle Charter School, we profiled a 2013 graduate who said the diversity of her class helped her grow as a person.

At city hall, the council reviewed the impact of red light cameras and decided to keep them because, they say, they’re working. (Not all of our Facebook followers agree…). The city also reduced restrictions on grilling on the patios of some apartment and condo buildings (not all of our followers agreed with that decision, either). And the summer curfew went into effect in the Plaza and Westport as well as other entertainment districts around the city.

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