What happened last week in Midtown?

Last week in Midtown, more profiles of endangered buildings…fireworks, gunshots and gun laws…..and the birthday of the Midtown KC Post.

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Our series on the most endangered buildings in Kansas City continued. We profiled the Disney Building, where Walt Disney got his start, and the once-lavish Knickerbocker apartments.

The 4th of July celebrations around Midtown brought their usual share of fireworks, with the police reporting 500 calls related to them.  A local burn center treated 17 people for fireworks-related injuries.

U.S. Representative Emanuel Cleaver and the police chief told us they think gunfire detection sensors know as Shotspotters are working.  Meanwhile, the mayor criticized state laws on guns. And detectives asked for help in finding two people who are checking into hotel rooms and stealing everything in sight.

The Whole Person applauded the showing of the first open captioned drive-in movie in Kansas City, exciting news for the 10 percent of people who are hard of hearing or Deaf.

The Midtown KC Post celebrated its one-year anniversary, with a thanks to all the readers, advertisers and supporters who have helped us grow.

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