What happened in Midtown last week

This word cloud shows some of the topics we covered last week at the Midtown KC Post.

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Troost Avenue was in our news as we found out what’s behind the annual Troost Festival.

We offered a look ahead at the property tax assessment process in Midtown, where property values are have been rising. We also explained how to appeal if your property taxes go up.

Planning meetings continue this week for the Midtown Plaza plan the city is developing.  The focus this month is on the neighborhood level of planning.

Neighborhoods showed up at city hall last week to argue against changes to a sign ordinance, claiming that large lighted signs on buildings take away the residential character of neighborhoods.

Following the Boston marathon attacks, we shared the police chief’s thoughts on local security, and reported on a cut in federal homeland security funding that could impact Kansas City.

We also previewed an exhibit of silver coming to the Nelson Atkins, and the produce market opening for the season at Truman Medical Center.

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