Weekend community effort for Google Fiber adds 40 fiberhoods

The Google Fiber blog showed this preliminary map of qualifying fiberhoods this morning, but said it be Thursday before it releases the final map.

Neighborhoods, school district volunteers and Google Fiber representatives made a huge push over the weekend, hoping to sign up as many areas of Kansas City as possible before the deadline at midnight Sunday. While the final tally won’t be available until Thursday, Google said as many as 40 new “fiberhoods,” the smaller sections of neighborhoods Google has designated, made their pre-registration goals by the end of the sign-up period.

School district volunteers rallied downtown to make calls to neighborhoods which were below their pre-registration goals. Those volunteers just finished entering their information in the nick of time.  School board president Airick Leonard West announced the results just after midnight on Facebook. “ Finished entering our Google Fiber data with 12 minutes left before midnight! The final map is a map I can live with. Fiber is coming to KCPS,” he wrote.

Google released a preliminary map of fiberhoods on its blog this morning, saying it is busy entering information and verifying rankings. It has advised people to check the website on Thursday to see which fiberhoods have made the final list. On Thursday, Google will also announce the order in which fiberhoods will be wired, which is based upon the percentage of households that pre-registered. Google also said it is still working to ensure it has captured all the pre-registration data from apartment buildings and condos.

Meantime, national eyes continue to focus on Kansas City and its efforts to address the issues of the digital divide. Just yesterday, the New York Times ran a story describing this weekend’s efforts to get the Ivanhoe neighborhood pre-registered.

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