Week in review: March 30, 2013

A word cloud shows the most popular topics in last week’s Midtown KC Post.

Did you miss a story in last week’s Midtown KC Post? Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • Budget flap over buses leads to transit reevaluation study: What’s in the future for Midtown transportation? A debate over money for buses tied to this year’s city budget is causing the council to reevaluate transit spending. A new study group will evaluate how money should be shared between buses, streetcars, and bicycles. more
  • UMKC mourns student as two suspects are charged:A memorial to Aaron Markarian, a senior at the UMKC Conservatory of Dance and Music, has been erected in the yard where he was murdered on March 21. Two suspects have been charged with the crime after being identified by other victims of the robbery at the South Plaza home. more
  • Riverfront greenhouse will provide ‘a better tomato’ for KC: “We believe Kansas City needs a better tomato,” BrightFarms CEO Paul Lightfoot said at a city hall press conference spiced by tomatoes on tables. BrightFarms says its 100,000 square-foot hydroponic greenhouse will produce a million pounds of tomatoes, lettuce and herbs a year, officials announced Monday. more
  • New greenhouse could shake up local fresh produce market: A proposed greenhouse to be built on the riverfront will supply tomatoes, lettuce and herbs to local supermarkets. And urban gardening experts say its part of a growing local market for locally-grown produce and evolving supply chain for its distribution. more
  • Nonprofit fighting the digital divide opens Westport Road office: “I believe we are focusing on the next big issue in social justice,” Connecting for Good’s Michael Liimatta says, referring to the digital divide between internet haves and have nots. His group has just opened a facility on Westport Road, just down the street from Google Fiber. As Google wires Kansas City to take advantage of high-speed connectivity, Connecting for Good wants to make sure low-income residents and communities aren’t left out of the digital revolution. more

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