Wanna become a ghost buster? Training available in Westport

1855 Harris-Kearney House Museum in Westport.

Is there paranormal activity at the Harris-Kearney House in Westport?

You can be part of the team that investigates.

Heartland Paranormal Investigative (HPI) is putting together an investigation on Saturday, October 19th, but there are only 10 slots so book early if you’re interested.

Participants will receive instruction on investigating techniques and how to use all the equipment deployed for the investigation. They will then help the team setup the equipment for the investigation and be part of the investigation planning process. The actual investigation lasts from 8 p.m. to midnight.

HPI will provide all the equipment necessary for the investigation, but you are free to use your own digital voice recorders, cameras, camcorders, EMF meters, etc.


  • The cost is $25.00 per person and is limited to only 10 individuals.
  • To book your spot for the investigation, contact Alana Smith with the Westport Historical Society at (816) 561-1821.
  • All proceeds from the investigation go to the Westport Historical Society.

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