Volker residents explain what its like to live there


KCUR, Kansas City’s Public Radio Station, came to the Volker neighborhood last night for a “listening session.”

The station’s Ron Jones explained KCUR is doing reporting on geographic dividing lines in Kansas City, and in this case is interested in the impact the state line has on residents.

“We’re here to listen to you and hear what matters the most to you,” he said. “And also to hear about the importance of the state line.”

The several dozen Volker residents in attendance talked about their pride in the history of their neighborhood, including the former vineyard it was built upon, the old Orphan Boys Home, the Loretto Academy, and the legacy of William Volker.

They stressed that Volker is a very walkable neighborhood, and that there are places to walk to – especially the businesses and restaurants of 39th Street.

“I really don’t think you know a neighborhood until you walk it,” one participant said.

They also described Volker as a neighborhood where people use their front porches and get to know their neighbors.

The radio station also heard that more and more families with young children are living in the neighborhood and attending the charter schools in Midtown.

Residents also discussed the impact of the nearby University of Kansas Hospital and KU Medical Center across the state line.

Residents said that, other than the difference in the price of gas and liquor, they don’t think much about living right on the state line between Kansas and Missouri.

Jones told the group that KCUR will use the input from the listening session to develop stories and talk show segments in the coming months.

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