Volker neighbors continue protests over multi-unit house

About a dozen Volker neighborhood residents protested today at 37th Street and State Line Road. They are upset because a group of developers has applied for a permit to build an eight-unit “multi-unit house” on the 3600 block of Bell.

The protests that began Sunday in the Volker neighborhood continued today. Residents of the neighborhood oppose plans for building a “multi-unit house” with eight residences on the 3600 block of Bell. According to neighbor Lynda McClelland, the project is too dense for the neighborhood of historic homes.

A change in the city zoning code in 2010 appears to allow for “multi-unit houses,” which can include from three to eight separate residences as long as they have only one door facing the street. Neighbors say the eight-plex will resemble a motel. The city is still reviewing the application for the building to determine if it is legal under the zoning code.

“We’re really disappointed in the city,” McClelland said. Volker residents said they hope they can at least meet with the developers and negotiate changes in the project so it looks less like a big motel.