Vision for the future of Midtown includes many elements

The development of a new Midtown-Plaza area plan began with a public meeting where residents shared their visions of a better future. The ideas echoed other input residents gave about why they live in Midtown and what concerns they have about the future. On Feb. 28, planners have invited citizens to a second meeting to discuss their ideas in more detail.

The development of a Midtown-Plaza area plan is bringing together residents to discuss current conditions and their dreams for the future.

Friday, the Midtown KC Post detailed the reasons people say they live and work in Midtown, defined as the area between 31st and 55th,  from State Line to Prospect. Yesterday, we focused on what concerns residents have about the future of the area.

The Midtown-Plaza Plan, when completed, will recommend guidelines and strategies for development, housing, neighborhoods, economic development, transportation, capital improvements, open spaces, and urban design.

Today, we offer an overview of what residents told planners they would like to see in Midtown’s future.

 Architecture and Midtown character wishes include:

  • Architectural standards
  • Adaptive reuse of schools
  • Easy-to-use façade improvement program
  • Urban form of development
  • Maintaining old trees and boulevards
  • Protect historic architecture

Housing wishes include:

  • Affordable housing for older folks
  • Inclusionary housing policy
  • Mix of housing type/density
  • Seeing vacant structures occupied
  • Preservation and maintenance of housing stock
  • Increase density

Transportation wishes include:

  • A convenient/walkable/connected community
  • Bike lanes
  • Street cars
  • Transit stops with a consistent theme
  • Road diets/traffic calming
  • Better pedestrian crossings at major thoroughfares
  • Build upon transit system/sustainable without cars

Education wishes include:

  • Better schools
  • Neighborhood schools
  • Accredited schools

Infrastructure wishes include:

  • Better sidewalks, ADA accessible
  • Sustainable streetscapes (no neighbors mowing islands/triangles)
  • Streetscape improvements/trees, sidewalks
  • Ways to address needs of aging and people with handicaps
  • Accessible public environment for young, old, disabled, intergenerational
  • Alternative energy

Planning wishes include:

  • Implement the FOCUS plan
  • Keep grid intact
  • Keep current Country Club Plaza character and Plaza Plan
  • Elimination of land use conflicts
  • Honor the area’s history of physical environment and create a structure to maintain it
  • Appropriate use of TIF/incentives
  • Commitment by city to follow plan

Neighborhood wishes include:

  • Crime/code enforcement
  • Half as much violent crime
  • Vibrant diverse neighborhoods
  • Better sign policies
  • A strong neighborhood alliance to build capacity within neighborhoods

Development wishes include:

  • Support for small-scale developments and developers
  • Appropriate urban infill development
  • Economic vitality
  • More living wage employment
  • Vibrant small business community

Cultural wishes include:

  • An abundance of cultural attractions
  • Good family attractions
  • Youth activities

Diversity wishes include:

  • Diversity/tolerance
  • Troost no longer a dividing line


Midtown-Plaza Area Plan Public Work Team Meeting

  • Thursday, February 28, 2013
  • 6-8 p.m.
  • at The Kauffman Foundation 4801 Rockhill Road

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