Vandalism up at closed Kansas City school sites

westport-middle-school-thumbIf you live near Westport High or Junior High or any of the other closed Kansas City schools, the school district is asking for your help.

It says over the past several weeks, there has been an increase in break-ins and attempted vandalism at several school sites.

“While district security is responsive to these intrusions, we need help from the community in identifying suspicious activity before incidents occur,” the repurposing office said in a press release.

“We’re asking families, staff and community members to “see something…say something” by contacting our safety and security dispatcher via text or using MessageQube. MessageQube is a mobile app that will serve as a quick, convenient way to report concerns or incidents at both open and closed school sites,” they added.

More about MessageQube and the school district

The district says MessageQube is part of its ongoing effort to improve safety at its schools and other buildings. The system includes the ability to send pictures, which can assist security officers when responding to an incident.

After you download the app, follow these directions:

  1. Follow the directions to set up an account.
  2. Click the “Settings” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app, then click “Add Recipient.”
  3. Enter “KCPS” in the “First Name” field, “Safety” in the “Last Name” field, and “816-213-0997” in the “MessageQube Number” field.
  4. Press “Add” and “Done.”

Those who don’t want to use the mobile app can add “KCPS SAFETY” at 816-213-0997 as a new contact on their cellphone, and simply send text messages to dispatch.

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