Urban Neighborhood Initiative chooses executive director

The Urban Neighborhood Initiative – a nonprofit focused on improving opportunities for residents between Troost Avenue and 71 Highway from 22nd Street to 52nd Street – has named Dianne Cleaver as its first executive director.

Cleaver will be charged with moving forward the Initiative’s action agenda, developed through 16 community meetings attended by more than 700 residents of the target area. They put forward ideas for ways their neighborhoods could improve and thrive. Business, civic and human service groups and neighborhood representatives created the action agenda with a focus on prosperity, health and safety, and education.

In a press release, Cleaver said that the United Way of Greater Kansas City, which spearheaded the action agenda process, “has created a foundation that allows for sustained impact and change in a part of our city that needs it most. For the first time, the UNI brings together business, community and individuals under a common goal. It’s the combination of sound direction and unified support that will make us successful.”

Overarching themes for the initiative include connecting people, changing the narrative of the East Side, and collaboration.  Strategies include:

  • Prosperity – increasing economic opportunity, decreasing social disparities and establishing more quality housing within the UNI target area.
  • Health and Safety – supporting the development of clean and safe neighborhoods and improving community health.
  • Education – improving the quality of education opportunities from birth 
through career.

Implementation is scheduled to begin in 
January, 2013.

The Initiative is one of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s “Big 5” Initiatives. 

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