Updated assessment notices coming to 18,000 homeowners

Updated reassessment notices for about 18,000 homeowners, many of them in Midtown neighborhoods, will start going out next week, Jackson County officials said Monday.

They were among almost 70,000 properties in the county – about one third of all residential properties – that were reassessed for this year with the help of walk-by inspections from the outside.

Many of those people saw dramatic increases in assessed values, and county officials said recently that flaws in their model may have resulted in mistakes in the 18,000 values.

In many cases there were not enough comparable sales values and in some cases the comparable sales were too distant or not compatible, said Curtis Koons, county assessment director.

The normal deadline for filing informal appeals is June 14, but those getting the updated reassessments will have 30 days from when they receive them to file appeals.

Also on Monday, the county hired the firm Assessed Value Analysis for up to $90,000 to review the assessment process.

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