Unconference seeks to increase collision density in KC

The organizers (if you can call them that) of an “unconference” in Kansas City say “collision density” is 20 times less likely to occur Kansas City than in San Francisco.

They define collision density as “the level of collisions made between entrepreneurs, investors and connectors in a single area.”

They say the problem is that KC’s entrepreneurs, investors and connectors are geographically spread out.

So they’ve offered all those a folks a chance to be in the same place at the same time.

The event is called an Unconference, described as ” a unique, open-format event, “is presented by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and Think Big Partners.

Here are details from a press release:

What is an unconference? It’s one where attendees submit topic ideas before the event. Unconference sessions can take on many different formats including short presentations, group discussions, show and tell, “unpanels” and more. The day will close with a networking after-party and Open Mic Awards during which attendees can publicly award prizes to standout community leaders.

iKC: The Unconference will give Kansas City corporations, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors a unique format to network, innovate, collaborate, and take action in order to enable a higher level of “collision density.” Collision density is a way of measuring the number of connections made by companies, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, innovators, and ideas in a defined area.


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