Triage proposal for housing demolition held again

vacant propertyA joint city council committee on Wednesday again held a plan to triage which houses get demolished.

The city plans to spend $10 million to demolish about 800 dangerous buildings in two years, but some council members want more effort put into renovation.

They continue to talk and get input related to a resolution that would direct the city manager to set up a triage process for demolition.

The joint committee on public safety and housing held the matter until May 11 for more input.

Councilwoman Katheryn Shields said she wanted to explore “a good apple” program used years ago. In that, private lawyers worked to establish tax abatement for properties to encourage people to renovate them.

Amanda Crawley, director of Historic Kansas City Foundation, said the city could establish a task force or committee to evaluate houses for historic significance or whether they were suitable for rehab.

Mayor Pro Tem Scott Wagner cautioned against slowing down or freezing the demolition process.

He noted that a third of the dangerous buildings are burned and deemed unsalvageable.

Many others are also clearly in need of demolition, he said, and a third group that is marginal could stand more analysis.


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