Tougher vape law advances

city hallThe growing number of vape shops in the city would face more scrutiny under an ordinance advanced today.

The changes would make it illegal to sell vapor products or alternative nicotine products to minors under age 18 or for minors to possess such products.

That brings the city in compliance with a state law passed last year.

The public safety committee approved the changes and sent them to the full city council for a possible vote next week.

The ordinance change also would transfer responsibility for issuing tobacco licenses and permits from the city revenue division to the regulated industries division.

Regulated industries already does minor compliance checks on alcohol and cigarette sales.

Since the division does that, city staff reports, “it makes sense to have the Manager of Regulated Industries Division oversee the entire chapter, and to have the ability to issue licenses and stamps and take enforcement action against a licensee or employee when needed.”

Police could also issue city tickets for violations, officials said.

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