Think some city laws don’t make sense?


Among the maze of city regulations and laws, some make no sense at all.

Even city officials admit that and they’re asking for suggestions on what to consider for repeal or change.

“Because the city is more than 150 years old and has dealt with nearly every political, social, economic and environmental crisis during that time, some laws are no longer effective or practical in today’s economy,” a city press release states.

Comments and suggestions on them can be made online through KC Momentum, a city town hall at

So far, suggestions have included:

  • Weird liquor control rule
  • Archaic body painting law
  • Bad noise control law
  • Bad sidewalk ordinance

The city council has already repealed or modified several ordinances to help small businesses, said Councilman Scott Taylor, and  “We are even more committed to making Kansas City business-friendly …”

“Dead letter” suggestions to KC Momentum will be reviewed by the city council, the city business process management team and KC BizCare, the city business customer service center.

To learn more about the Dead Letter Office, contact Assistant City Manager Rick Usher at Richard, or 816-513-6559.

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