The race is on – which neighborhood will get Google Fiber first?

This map on Google Fiber’s website shows in yellow the areas of Kansas City that can qualify to be the first to get the new Google Fiber service, with ultra-fast Internet speeds and a new television service that Google announced today in Kansas City.

Midtown neighborhoods are among those eligible to be the first in the country to get Google Fiber. In a major announcement, Google today revealed how and when its ultra high-speed network – up to 100 times faster than the current available high speed broadband – would be rolled out.

Google also unveiled a new television service that will complete with cable networks. Google television, which will initially be available only in the selected Kansas City neighborhoods, includes all channels in high definition as a standard feature and is controlled by a tablet that Google is giving to subscribers for free. Some key information for Midtown:

  • Google has used neighborhood boundaries to create what it’s calling “fiberhoods.” Google is challenging each fiberhood to rally neighbors and get them to pre-register for the service.  On September 9, the fiberhoods with the most interest will be the first to have the new high-speed service installed.  Only those areas shown in yellow on the map are eligible to get Google Fiber in the first round.
  • To get Google Fiber, 40-80 people in the fiberhood need to register.
  • As each fiberhood is connected, schools, libraries, government buildings and police will be connected for free in that area. The Kansas City Police Department said in a video shown at today’s announcement that this would allow them access to the most advanced Internet tools.
  • Google is offering several packages of services to a select number of neighborhoods. For $120 a month, residents will get a new super-fast, high-definition television service, along with being wired for the gigabite Internet connection. For $70 a month, residents can get ultra-fast Internet only.
  • Google is addressing the 25 percent of Kansas City residents who don’t have an Internet connection now. They can get broadband at today’s average speed for free for seven years if they pay just the “construction fee” to have their home wired. That fee is $300, which can be paid at $25 a month.
  • The Google Fiber headquarters.

    Google has set up shop at 1814 Westport Road in the Volker Square Center.  It has opened a space where the public can experience Google Fiber.

We’ll have more details tomorrow as Google unveils the plan to neighborhood leaders.

Google Fiber website