The final list: Google Fiber neighborhoods and installation dates

Google Fiber’s official map of the parts of Kansas City will be getting its new ultra-high-speed Internet and television service. While all of Midtown has pre-qualified (as shown by the blue coloring) for the service, some neighborhoods will get wired as soon as spring of next year, while others will not get wired until next fall.

Google Fiber has released the names of neighborhoods that have pre-qualified for its service and also released the dates when each will be wired. The Midtown Fiberhood  (31st to Armour, from Broadway to East Gilham) will be the first to get hooked up in Midtown, followed by the South Plaza. They’re slated for hookup in spring of next year, with other neighborhoods waiting until summer or fall.

Neighborhoods will be hooked up in the order listed below. Here’s the official list:

 Spring 2013

1.  Crown Center

2.  Midtown

3.  Sunset Hill

4.  South Plaza West

5.  Countryside

6.  Greenway Fields

7.  Wornall Homestead

8.  Crossroads

 Summer 2013

9. Tower Homes North

10. Central Hyde Park

11. Coleman Highlands

12. Brookside

13. Country Club District

14. Armour Hills

15. Westwood

16. Romanelli West

17. South Plaza East

18. Armour Fields

19. Roanoke

20. Ward Estates

21. Western 49-63

22. Ilus Davis Park

23. Valentine

24. Stratford Gardens

25. Holmes Park

26. River Market

27. Oak Meyer Gardens

28. Ward Parkway North

29. Hanover Place West

30. Volker South

31. South Hyde Park

32. Ward Parkway Plaza

33. Union Hill

34. Columbus Park

35. Business District

36. Rolling Meadows

37. Ward Parkway South

38. Manheim Park

39. Hospital Hill

Fall 2013

All neighborhoods not previously named

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