Technique lacking: Quick bank robbery, quick arrest

bank robberyA federal judge in Kansas City this week found a Kansas City man guilty of robbing a Midtown bank.

David E. Clark, 36, faces up to 20 years in prison at a later sentencing.

According to court records and a media release by federal prosecutors:

On July 28, 2014, Clark wore an orange construction worker vest when he stole more than $3,000 from the Commerce Bank, 118 W. 47th St.

He entered the bank, pulled a note from his pocket and handed it to a teller, who ignored it. Then he ordered the teller to give him $100’s, 50’s and $20’s, which the teller did.

Clark walked out, went around the corner and left a parking garage driving a white truck with a concrete company sign on the side.

Police found Clark and arrested him in less than a half hour.

The owner of the truck told investigators he drove it to a meeting earlier and gave a ride to Clark, who was an independent contractor for his company.

He was going to give Clark a ride elsewhere after the meeting, he said, but when he got out Clark and the truck were gone.

Clark, apparently, had planned to run a quick errand.

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