Streetcars, bridges, bikes, trails and more: projects to be done if state tax passes

busA state commission today listed more than $875 million Kansas City area projects to fund with a transportation tax – including almost $144 million for the proposed streetcar extension.

The 48 Kansas City area projects would be funded over a decade if voters statewide approve the ¾ cent transportation sales tax on Aug. 5.

The state money for the streetcars and a Prospect max bus line would go into effect only if the city passes its sales tax for them and gets federal funding.

The state money for them would include $30 million, all of Kansas City’s direct share of the state money, plus about $114 million from the overall state pool.

On Aug. 5, voters will also decide whether to create a city streetcar transportation district that covers much of south of the river.

If the district is created, voters in it will decide in November whether to approve the city sales tax.

The state money will allow the city sales tax to be at ¼ cent for 10 years and then at one cent after that.

City officials cut that deal with the Missouri Department of Transportation to avoid having sales taxes go up 1 and 3/4th cent in the city transportation district area.

Of all the projects in the wide Kansas City area, $775.7 million are in Jackson, Clay, Platte and Cass counties.

The list includes bike-pedestrian projects, major highway work, the Broadway Bridge replacement and much more.

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved the statewide list, which was submitted with collaboration from planners and citizens.

“It represents a substantial investment in Missouri’s transportation infrastructure – but also means safer roads, more jobs, and a better economy,” said Commission Chair Stephen Miller.

View the entire transportation list and information about what on the ballot will be Amendment 7

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