Streetcar appeal could speed up decision

Lawyers for the streetcar system filed a request for the Missouri Supreme Court to hear the appeal by those challenging it, which would bypass the appeals court.

If the high court takes the case, it would resolve the issue faster, which could clear bond sales for the $102 million  Downtown streetcar system.

In January, a Jackson County judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by two Downtown business owners challenging the sales and property taxes for the system.

The business owners, Sue Anne Burke and Jeffry Rumaner appealed to the appeals court in Kansas City, where the case is pending.

Lawyers for the Downtown Streetcar Transportation Development District asked the appeals court to require the business owners to post a $20 million bond – extra costs they contended could be caused by the delay.

An appeals judge denied the bond request but did set an accelerated briefing schedule.

The business owners’ brief supporting their appeal is due by the end of this month.

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