Squier Park neighborhood

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Squier Park neighborhood

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  • Boundaries: Armour to 39th, The Paseo to Troost
  • Meetings: Every month on the 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 PM,De La Salle School, 3740 Forest Ave.
  • Trash Day: Monday
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In Squier Park neighborhood, “we do our best to get to know each other”

Squier Park is a social neighborhood, its residents say. The neighborhood association has two common areas like this one, where neighbors get together for picnics, the Night Out Against Crime, and other gatherings.

While folks in the suburbs sometimes complain about feeling isolated from neighbors, those who live in urban neighborhoods like Midtown’s Squier Park often feel they are truly living in an urban village. According to Squier Park Neighborhood Association President John Pajor, “We do our best to get to know each other.” Pajor says he, his wife and three children have relished living in an urban core neighborhood that is east of Troost, has been integrated for decades, and provides them with a great “sense of place.” He also loves the fact that he can bike to his job downtown or take the bus if the weather is bad.


“No one knows Squier Park,” but homes tour may raise profile

This home at 3640 Tracy in Squier Park was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in April, making it only the second residential district east of Troost to be so honored. Photos courtesy Squier Park Neighborhood Association.

The biggest problem with Squier Park, according to the neighborhood’s vice president Johnathon Bish, is that “no one knows Squier Park.” But the neighborhood is offering a chance to get to know it – inside and out – when it hosts its third homes tour this weekend.