Spring is time to buy big in KC, even for Kansans

untitled-(88-of-88)If you need a new furnace, refrigerator or other major appliance, a week in April might be the time to get one, or two.

The city council finance committee on Wednesday approved participation in a city and state sales tax holiday for Energy Star appliances from April 19 through April 25.

The measure goes to the full council for approval Thursday.

You do not have to live in Kansas City to get the break and are not limited to any number of appliances.

A tax break of up to $1,500 per appliance also applies to specified clothes washers, water heaters, dishwashers, freezers, heat pumps and more.

You might want to make those buys this year, officials said.

A bill is pending in the Missouri general assembly to eliminate the sales tax breaks.

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