Snow emergency: cars must be moved off snow routes

The city has put phase two of the snow emergency into effect. That means  any vehicle parked on an emergency snow route must be removed within two hours, or by 11:30 a.m. today, Feb. 4. Citations will be issued to motorists who do not heed emergency conditions.

Midtown snow emergency routes include: Armour from Broadway to the Paseo; Belleview from 43rd Street to Ward Parkway; Broadway from 6th Street to 43rd Street; Brush Creek from Main Street to Rockhill; Gillham from 22nd to 31st and from 34th to Brush Creek Boulevard; Gillham Plaza from 31st to 34th; Holmes from Rockhill to 81st; J.C. Nichols Parkway from 43rd to Ward Parkway; Linwood from Broadway to Prospect; Madison from 43rd to 47th; Main Street from 6th to 49th; Roanoke Parkway from 47th Street to Ward Parkway; Rockhill from 45th to Holmes; Southwest Trafficway from 31st to 39th; Troost from 9th to 77th;  31st Street from Broadway to Prospect; 39th from State Line to Prospect; 47th Street from Roanoke to Main and from Rockhill to The Paseo.

A list of the city’s emergency snow routes

The Winter Storm Warning continues to be in effect, with 6-10 inches of snow expected to fall throughout Kansas City today. The City urges residents to take precautions during this snow event and avoid driving in these hazardous conditions

Residents are advised that parking cars off-street during snow plow operations greatly enhances the ability of snow plows to remove snow, especially in cul-de-sacs and dead end streets. If a vehicle must park on-street, the following parking practice is being requested:

-On streets that run north/south, park vehicles on the west side of the street.
-On streets that run east/west, park vehicles on the north side of the street.

Please note, vehicles without adequate tire tread that get stuck on a major thoroughfare will be ticketed and towed. Tow storage lot fees will apply.


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