Selling Midtown: The many reasons to live here

Scott_Lauren_WHITE_web-(1)sponsored post By Lauren Hruby and Scott DeVouton

Living in Midtown is always met with questions in suburb-heavy Kansas City.  Why should someone consider living in Midtown?

Living in the Southmoreland Neighborhood, Midtown is our home.  We can’t imagine living anywhere else.  We think everyone should put Midtown on their list of options when looking for a home.  Ask anyone here, and they could probably tell you ten reasons why they’re here.  No one sells Midtown like Midtown.

When we sell Midtown, we have a lot to talk about:

Neighborhoods.  Midtown has established, historic neighborhoods that are lively and that are rich in character.  Each neighborhood is connected in different ways with a social and practical fabric.

Diverse Housing Stock.  There is a wide variety of housing in Midtown, for different needs and budgets.  Investors and rehabbers also have a lot to choose from.  You can find anything from a traditional house with a yard for the dog, to an empty nest condo, to an affordable studio apartment.  You can also find beautifully enormous homes that may have once housed a historic Kansas City family.

Livable Streets.  Midtown is a classic mixed use area, with a lot packed into its land mass.  It is walkable and bikeable, and it has activity happening day and night.

Live Music.  Midtown has a diverse array of music venues.  You can find live music every night of the week in whatever flavor you like.  Big names and most local talent comes through Midtown.

Parks.  Public parks string many Midtown neighborhoods together, and make for a beautiful alternative to the streets.  They are cared for and used most times of the year.

Public Transit.  Every Midtown neighborhood is near public transportation of some sort, whether it is a bus, a bicycle or maybe a trolley.  And it is easy and affordable to get a cab.

Growth.  People are living here, investing here, and planting roots here.  Commercial redevelopment is happening, and it appears that City Hall appreciates the value of Midtown.

In the Middle.  Midtown rests at the heart of activity in Kansas City.  It is exciting to be able to walk from home to major concerts, civic events, iconic restaurants and world class museums.

With all its high points, Midtown is a fun sell. Like Kansas City, it is large enough, but small enough that one person can have an impact.  It has classic urban features, small town familiarity and a lot to talk about.

Lauren and Scott are with Lauren Hruby Real Estate, Keller Williams Realty Key Partners, LLC.  They work with people looking to sell or buy a home in the Kansas City area.  For more information, visit or call 816-529-6174.

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