Schools in Midtown Kansas City

Public Schools

Elementary Schools

Faxon Elementary

Boundaries: Starting at 39th St & Main, north on Main St to 30th St, east on 30th St to Troost Ave, north on Troost Ave to 29th St, east on 29th St to Brooklyn Ave, south on Brooklyn Ave to 31st St, west on 31st St to Bruce Watkins Freeway, south on Bruce Watkins Freeway to 39th St, west on 39th St to Main


Longfellow Elementary

Boundaries: Starting at a point south of 51st & State Line Rd, north on State Line Rd to Southwest Blvd, northeast
on Southwest Blvd to I-35, north on I-35 to I-70, east on I-70 to a point north of Tracy Ave, south on Tracy Ave to 19th St, east on 19th St to Paseo Blvd, south on Paseo Blvd to 29th St, west on 29th St to Troost Ave, south on Troost Ave to 30th St, west on 30th St to Main St, south on Main St to Brush Creek Blvd, west on Brush Creek Blvd to Ward Pkwy, southwest on Ward Pkwy to 350 Hwy, west to State Line Rd.

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King Elementary (small sliver of boundary is in Midtown)

Boundaries: Starting at 57th St and Bruce Watkins Freeway, north on Bruce Watkins Freewy to 53rd St, west
on 53rd St to Brooklyn Ave, north on Brooklyn Ave to to 45th St, west on 45th St to Paseo Blvd,
north on Paseo Blvd to 39th St, east on 39th St to Bruce Watkins Freeway, noth on Bruce Watkins Freeway to 31st St, east on 31st St to Indiana Ave, south on Indiana Ave to 37th St, east on 37th St
to Cleveland Ave, south on Cleveland Ave to 41 St, east on 41st St to Spruce, southeast to a point at Van Brunt Blvd and Clary Blvd, southwest on Van Brunt Blvd to Coal Mine Rd, southeast on Coal Mne Rd to Sni A Bar Rd, south to a point at KCS Railway & Topping Ave, west to 55th & Kensington, west on 55th St to Swope Pkwy, south on Swope Pkwy to 58th St, west on 58th St to Askew Ave, north on Askew Ave to 57th St, west on 57th St to Bruce Watkins Freeway.


Secondary Schools


Boundaries: Starting at the 85th St & State Line Road, north on State Line Rd to a point
east of 27th St, east to 27th St, continue on 27th St to Prospect Ave, south on Prospect to Bruce Watkins Freeway, continue south on Bruce Watkins Freeway to Gregory Blvd, east on Gregory Blvd to the District’s east boundary, continue south on district boundary around the south side of boundary to 85th St, west on 85th St to State Line Rd.