School board sues to stop student transfers

The Kansas City School District is suing the state in an attempt to stop student transfers while the district’s case for provisional accreditation is still pending.

School Board President Airick West says the district is asking for an injunction after this week’s Missouri Supreme Court decision that upheld the state transfer law allowing students from unaccredited districts to transfer to a neighboring district.

The board released a statement today explaining its decision.

“For the past 24 months, due to the stability KCPS has enjoyed, our scholars have experienced a surge in achievement the likes of which our community has not known in many years. The decision of the Supreme Court, when added to the decision of the State Board of Education not to confer the provisional accreditation our scholars earned, will create irreparable harm to the ongoing growth of their achievement. These circumstances, combined with the overwhelming outpouring of concern from KCPS parents, elected officials and community leaders, compel the Board to take actions protecting our scholar’s growing achievement from harm,” it read.

The statement said the board wants the superintendent to remain focused on the educational achievement of students, but in the meantime it will pursue the legal action to protect students from chaos.

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