School board rejects Westport High School recommendation

The future of Westport High School is unclear after the school board has rejected a recommendation to sell it to Foutch Brothers Real Estate.

The developer had teamed up with Academie Lafayette charter school to create an international high school, according to the Kansas City Star.

The Star says the school board “voted 4-3 against the proposal despite heavy support from neighborhood groups and some civic leaders who had cheered the idea of Westport reopening with the popular charter school.”

Board president Airick West told the paper the board will not confirm any details and the matter is still under negotiation.

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  1. Troy Batson says:

    Really not pleased about the KCPS board not approving the sales of Westport HS to Foutch Brothers. They have a good plan and hoping for a better offer after the street car line extension is approved is a bad idea… And what is this comment about ‘still under negotiation’? Reminds me of the bad-old-days with the school board…

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