Review says health levy funding is effective

city-hallThe city has gotten the results of an independent review of health levy funding. It says with a few minor problems, the medical facilities that are getting money from the levy are doing what voters intended.

The reviews were conducted to ensure accountability for the voter-approved Health Levy funding used to care for medically indigent residents of Kansas City, according to the city.

The health department released the findings from an independent review of the data submitted by three medical facilities funding, Truman Medical Center, KC CARE, and Samuel U. Rodgers Health Centers. The final reports showed no exceptions, no finding of any concern and only minor areas where some written procedures might need to be more detailed to document the best practices these medical facilities already have in place, it said in a press release.

“We are pleased to report that the voter-approved Health Levy tax dollars are meeting the intent of the voters, and are providing the health services our residents need,” said Councilman Ed Ford, Chair of the Health Commission.  “The services provided through funding from the Health Levy are an important part of the culture of health in Kansas City.”

The Kansas City Health Department (KCHD) managed the independent review, which was conducted by BKD, LLC. The review provided an independent audit of the contract-required data submissions submitted by the medical facilities receiving Health Levy funding.

A summary of the first three reports was recently provided to the Budget & Contract Evaluation Committee of the Health Commission.  Review results for Cabot Westside Health Center will be available in December 2014; review results for Swope Parkway Health Services, Truman Medical Center and Northland Healthcare Access will be available next year.


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