Restrictions on grilling on patios, decks loosened by city

A deck or patio invites grilling in the summer, and far more people will be able to do it under pending changes in the city fire code.

People in apartment and condominium buildings with more than four units would be able to use barbeque, heating and fire devices on patios.

The city council public safety committee approved the changes Wednesday and they now go to the city council for final approval.

Kansas City Fire Chief Paul Berardi said they would make the city fire code mesh with national code changes made last year.

The city changes would allow use of the devices if the building and balcony are made of non combustible materials or have automatic sprinkler systems or if the devices are supplied by natural gas or by propane tanks no larger than one pound.

That is a smaller size propane tank – the size used for camping stoves – than is standard with outdoor gas grills.

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